The fall season requires leaf rakes to make the job easier.So now we’re a month into the fall season with all the beautiful colors of the trees. But in case you haven’t noticed, all those pesky leaves have started to fall, too. And whether you’ve laid a new sod lawn this season, or just want to maintain the nice look of the green grass in your yard, you’re going to need a decent rake to get you through the season.


Some Rakes to Consider is a review site and recently updated and offered a few opinions about leaf rakes:

Best Selling

One of the best selling rakes is the Midwest Rake ProGrade Spring Brace Lawn Rake on website. This commercial grade rake has a great price at only $19.95 and should last many seasons with it’s steel tines and 24″ head that is attached securely to the handle. Some consumers claim the rake is a touch heavy, but for durability and performance, this rake can’t be beat. The tines on this rake are spread out enough and flexible enough that they don’t eat into your lawn as easily as other models do. It also does an excellent job at picking up the vast majority of leaves in your path in one motion.


The #1 seller on Amazon is the Fiskars 24-Inch Leaf Rake – it’s perfect for larger yards, has a 24-inch rake head with extra wide tines. Most owners agree that the design of this leaf rake is what makes it stand out. It’s ergonomic and very comfortable even after 30 minutes or so of raking.

Clog Resistant

How often do you try raking up leaves only to find that 1/2 of them end up getting clogged in the tines? The Ames True Temper Clog-Free Rake for ($18) is one of the best at keeping those clogs from happening on your rake. The “wave-shaped” tooth design is what sets this rake apart from the competition and it comes in both a 24-inch and 30-inch head width. Although the rake does a good job at not getting clogged up with leaves, it doesn’t pick up all the leaves in it’s path either. We saw it available on in stock and ready to ship.

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