Sod can be a significant investment for your yard. Accordingly, it is important to properly prepare for the process of scheduling and installing your new sod. Special attention is needed for preparing the ground and planting area with care.

Scheduling is critical, too. The installation of your new sod should begin as soon as it is delivered. You don’t want your sod sitting around and drying out. You want to get it on the ground and watered as soon as possible.

Here is a short video from HGTV with a few more details to give you a quick overview of the entire process. Justin Cave offers a few good tips for laying sod like the pros.


Best Times to Lay Sod

Sod can be laid anytime during the growing season, but spring and early fall are the best time frames. Cool temperatures, combined with occasional rain will help your new sod root quickly.


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Laying sod is a big job. When you want professional installation and results, call the pros at CFP Sod. We’ll make the entire process easy and your East Cobb yard look great!

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CFP Sod – Offering a Few Good Tips for Laying Sod