Beware of fescue brown patchAt CFP Sod, we only install the best blends of Fescue on the market. In the Southeast, Tall Fescue is grown north of an imaginary line drawn from Birmingham, through Atlanta and Charlotte, ending in Raleigh. Fescue is an especially ideal grass for the Georgia climate. As the hot summer months approach we want to give our East Cobb and Metro Atlanta customers some tips for keeping your Fescue sod healthy and lush.


A Common Fescue Disease in the Summer

Rhizoctonia is a species of fungus that can create fescue brown patch in your lawn. These brown and yellow circular patches can appear in your lawn in a variety of sizes. During the hot and humid Georgia summers, Tall Fescue is very susceptible to these unsightly patches. Fungus control can be applied to the lawn after you notice a brown patch appear however, it is best to take preventative measures and apply lawn fungicide for the duration of the summer months.


Tips for Applying Preventative Lawn Fungicide

It is best to apply fungus control during the nighttime when temperatures are typically lower. Preventative applications are usually made in 14 to 30 intervals. Aside from fungus control products, there are several good lawn keeping habits that can prevent diseases from affecting your grass.

  • Avoid over watering by only irrigating when there has not been sufficient rainfall. An established fescue lawn needs 1 inch of water per week (maybe more in the height of summer).
  • Also, keep Tall Fescue grass mowed to a minimum height of 2.5 inches, never cutting more than 1/3 of the blade height at each cutting.
  • In addition, do not fertilize tall fescue grass during the warm months; fertilize only when this type of lawn, classified as a “cool-season grass,” is actively growing during the cool months of early spring and late fall.


Do You Have Fescue Brown Patch? Call CFP Sod

If your Fescue lawn has the symptoms of Rhizoctonia and you fear that it may be too much to tackle, give us a call. CFP Sod is your sod specialist in Marietta, Cobb County and metro Atlanta.


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