Start the Season with a Lush New Lawn!

Try laying sod in Spring for a lush new lawn.There is less than a month to go before the first day of Spring arrives. This might be the perfect time to consider laying sod in Spring.

Start the season with a lush new lawn. In Cobb County, the weather is moderating and the danger of frost is diminishing. Sod can be laid as soon as the soil is dry enough to work. And with the proper ground preparation and fertilization, the sod will quickly establish itself with the warming temperatures and spring rain showers.

Laying sod in Spring is ideal for minimizing weeds, too. Weeds can become a nuissance with seeded yards and are difficult to suppress. The weeds also flourish with the warming temperatures and spring rains, and will compete with grass seed for nutrients. Yes, there will be random weeds with a sod yard, but typically, the weeds are much easier to combat.

Finally, consider the time it takes to establish and start enjoying a sod yard versus a seeded yard. Both options require a lot of watering to get establish. However, seeded yards will typically dry out more quickly and will require more attention in order to maintain proper moisture levels.

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CFP Sod – Offering a Few Good Tips for Laying Sod in Spring