Is fall the best time of year to lay sod?Is Fall the Best Time of Year to Lay Sod?

With football, festivals, and family fun, fall could be the best time of year to lay sod. And to make it easy, have CFP lay your sod. The weather is cooler but the grass is still growing. You can have a beautiful lawn in time for fall festivals with neighbors and friends.

You’ll love throwing the football around on your new turf before the college game on Saturday, the pro game on Sunday, and during halftime. What a great place to burn off some energy and get ready for the halftime feast, snacks and the start of the second half.

The kids will love kicking the soccer ball around before their practices and games. Who knows, you may have an aspiring Mia Hamm or David Beckham.

Not a football or soccer family? Consider a putting green, or just a smooth green surface with a practice hole. How relaxing and fun. Imagine, the weather is cool, and your grass is green and beautiful. No need to head to the club, enjoy your own space. When you have CFP do the work, the transformation is magical.


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