3 Summer Lawn Care Tips

East Cobb Grass Sod

Summer is upon us! While poolside cookouts and vacations are something we look forward to, summer can be really hard on our grass. CFP Sod of East Cobb has been servicing the greater Marietta and East Cobb area for years and we work with only the best sod farms in Georgia. We want your grass to stay lush and beautiful this summer so you can enjoy your yard. Your grass will thank you for it too! Here are some helpful tips to help maintain a healthy yard during these hot months.

Water Early

Watering your lawn in the morning will help to conserve your water by reducing loss due to evaporation. The risk of having fungus growing in your yard will be much lower as well. Fungus thrives when too much water is left sitting in your yard overnight.

Water less

Wait, water less often? It sounds strange doesn’t it? If you water your lawn everyday, even every other day, for short periods it keeps the roots of your grass close to the surface of the soil. This can be problematic during the summer months because the soil surface can become dried out and leave the grass’s roots to bake in the summer heat. If you water less often but for longer periods of time (up to an hour) it helps the water to go deep into the soil and encourages the root system to grow further into the soil where water won’t evaporate as quickly and the temperatures are much cooler.


Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Be sure to install a mulching kit and mulching blades for your mower to get a clean finish when mulching. Grass clippings are made of water and organic matter and will break down to return much needed nutrients to your lawn and reduce the need for supplemental fertilizers. Mulching will also reduce thatch build up.

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