Sinkholes are classified as a natural disaster. They are depressions in the ground that have no natural way to drain the external surface. They occur when water dissolves the surface rock, causing a collapse from erosion. While sinkholes can cause a whole slew of issues, one major issue is that they can greatly affect water quality and change water chemistry. It is vital to take immediate action when dealing with such an unnerving situation.

According to an article posted on, there are 7 common signs to look for that indicate sinkhole may be forming.

  1. A round circular depression in the earth.
  2. Localized subsidence or depression anywhere on the property. In other words, an area that has dropped down relative to the surrounding land.
  3. A circular lake, as this can be indicative of a sinkhole that has opened up and been filled with water.
  4. A foundation settling—if part of the structure starts dropping down and cracking, this could be a sign of a sinkhole forming under a house or building.
  5. Cracking on roads or pavement.
  6. A sudden drop of well levels on a site, as this could be indicative of a sinkhole opening up and changing the water table beneath the site with no surface expression.
  7. A small opening in the ground that rainwater seems to disappear into.

If you come across warning signs of a sinkhole or have one forming in your yard or place of business, call CFP Grading and Land Development today.