Top 3 Reasons to Choose Sod

The top 3 reasons to choose sod vs seed.If you want your yard to look its “greenest” in the shortest amount of time, choosing sod is the right choice. Let’s highlight the top 3 reasons why sod vs seed is the better choice for your lawn:


  1. Sod creates and immediate visual impact. Grass seed takes time to grow and fill in.
  2. Sod covers 100% of your yard. Grass seed may have difficulty sprouting in some areas of the yard.
  3. Sod can be installed year-round.


Time is Running out for Seeding

Now is the time of year for grass seeding. You’ll have to aerate the lawn, as well. But if you wait any longer, you’ll risk an early freeze. Or you can wait until Spring to try again.


Get a Beautiful Lawn Now

You can have a beautiful lawn in time for fall festivals with neighbors and friends. Make it easy, and have CFP lay your sod. The weather is cooler but the grass is still growing. You can have a beautiful lawn in no time at all.


Call CFP Sod

Laying sod is a big job. When you want professional installation and results, call the pros at CFP Sod. We’ll make the entire process easy and your East Cobb yard look great!

For more information about sod or our Marietta sod installation services, please call us today.


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